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Multiple Property Finance


Your finance can make or break you. Ensuring you are structured correctly from the beginning is very important. If your not it can prevent you from moving into your second, third or more investment properties.Read more.....


Multiple Property Club


 The Multiple Property Club was established to bring likeminded property investors together. The positive energy, the imaginations and the determination to succeed of people who form part of this event each month.  Read more....



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Property Coaching and Mentoring Program


Property Coaching and Mentoring Program

We start at the very beginning, who you are, where your going and alternately where you want to be. I have to say the first session is emotional, heart warming and down right exciting….

Here you will learn about all things property. We know that in the past property doubles every seven to ten years, but what we tend to forget is that its not a straight line. Its ups and downs!!


We would all like the crystal ball which tells us where we are in the property cycle, but because we don’t have that we need to look at for some fundamentals that effect the result of our property.

We are always asked the question whats the right property I should be looking for, simply the answer is


“ There is no right or wrong property, its just right or wrong for you”


What is the program ?

Our program consists of 10 modules – do not be lead to believe that this is ten sessions!!

We work at your pace. Some may take two sessions to complete

  We build a plan for you, not a generic one size fits all

  One plan, one cost – Mum, Dad and kids if you like

   Your coach is yours for life

Depending on your time frames and your enthusiasm you may complete the education in 3 to 6mth

Field trips, so you can see how and what to look out for

  12 month unlimited support by your coach

  12 month subscription to our Property Club

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