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Your finance can make or break you. Ensuring you are structured correctly from the beginning is very important. If your not it can prevent you from moving into your second, third or more investment properties.Read more.....


Multiple Property Club


 The Multiple Property Club was established to bring likeminded property investors together. The positive energy, the imaginations and the determination to succeed of people who form part of this event each month.  Read more....



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We learnt very early on in our property investing journey that there are so many strategies, so many stories, so many different properties, so many locations and so many people who apparently are experts… you know what I mean!!

I spent weekend after weekend, thousands of dollars after thousands on courses and events to come up with one simple fact

‘No-one will teach me what I need to know about my situation.’

Every guru has their own opinion, every guru whats to sell their concept.  I just wanted to learn them all and then decide what was best for me. 

Multiple Property Services was born from the desire to educate people and help people decide what is right for them… regardless of what that is, off the plan to developments to renovating, buy and hold, flip, city, country, apartments or house.

What we teach is 

 “ its all about the numbers”



What we offer

Property Coaching and Mentoring Program - 12 months support

Property Consulting - for a specific project with 12 months support

Property Support - Hour by hour specific to what you need at the time 

 What we don’t do

•                 Give you a one sided approach to property investing

•                  Put you in the same box as the person next door

•                 Only give you half the information that you will need to know when making a decision about a deal

Our goal in our time together is to educate you, to hold your hand in every situation, and to help you unlock the confidence that each of us have inside us that will help you achieve  your  desired future

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