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 The Multiple Property Club was established to bring likeminded property investors together. The positive energy, the imaginations and the determination to succeed of people who form part of this event each month.  Read more....



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Geoff McDonnell

"Geoff is a fantatic individual. His grasp of small business and it's challenges is first rate. I've worked with Geoff on a number of projects and found his work to be both impactful and valuable. As a consultant he brings firsthand knowledge and a systemised approach that ensures results."
May 4, 2009
Darrell Weekes , Founder & Managing Director , Real Success Coaching

"I met Geoff through his involvement with the Jim's Training Academy where he established a business training program for new inductees and existing businesses. Geoff has had an extensive corporate background and was able to bring this experience together with his professionalism to a challenging opportunity. I was impressed by Geoff's personal approach and the effort he put into organizing and implementing his training programs."
September 23, 2009
John Birse , Owner , Jim's Bookkeeping

"I have had many opportunities to see Geoff at work and to engage in conversation with him concerning independent business owners and the development of coaching and education for SME's. Geoff is a passionate advocate of delivering excellence in training, development and coaching of independent business owners and I would recommend his work and skills in delivering these programs without hesitation."
September 21, 2009
Brian Kelly , Managing Director , Business Management Advisory

"Geoff brings a wealth of tangible and practical front line sales and service skills and training expertise. His diverse property and financial services experience was very valuable in helping to train and skill frontline staff to "sell" the whole solution in simple and compelling manner."
September 14, 2009
Top qualities: Personable , Expert , Creative
Kevin Decker

"I have worked with Geoff McDonnell as a business partner provider for over 12 years. During that time I have found that Geoff has an amazing ability to analyse and strategies business situations that are complex and articulate the situations in a very concise and simple way. His solutions are always well thought out and structured to be practical and can be used to immediate benefit. He is assertive in his approach but will also listen to alternative points of view making any business relationship clear without ambiguity. He is supportive and encouraging, reliable and ethical in all his dealings respecting confidentiality and protocols. I would have absolutely no hesitation in strongly recommending Geoff as a business adviser, coach or mentor to any organisation - corporate or small to medium - they would gain great value from the association."
April 26, 2009
Tom Harbottle , Managing Director , Training Managers of Australia Pty Ltd

"Geoff was inspirational and supportive in helping me transition into this role. He has always been a great mentor in so many ways, particularly in leadership and management. Geoff introduced me to alternate ways at B2B management which has significantly improved my relationships with customers. This has also impacted on achieving the best outcomes. A great asset to any executive team!"
October 7, 2009
Jase Carroll , State Account Manager - Lifestyle_ , TOWER Australia

"Geoff is a highly recommended professional, with fantastic people-skills. He mentors and helps his team develop and grow professionally, while ensuring that everyone is involved in setting and agreeing on the business outcomes to be reached. I always found Geoff open-minded, business oriented, professional and competent during our work together. It would be my delight to work with Geoff again."
September 23, 2009
Alina Caballero , Third Party Banking and Mortgage Innovation Marketing , CBA

"Geoff 's passion and drive to achieve his goals, is one of his top qualities. He is a man of integrity who is highly respected by people who know him. I wish Geoff all the best; I have no doubt he will succeed no matter what path he chooses to follow."
August 26, 2009
Odette Hambarsoomian , Bank Manager , Commonwealth Bank

"I worked with Geoff both when he was at Commbank, and Mortgage Choice. Geoff was very clear on what he wanted and very good to work with as his Consultant in demographic and territory planning matters"
May 20, 2009
Peter Buckingham , Managing Director , Spectrum Analysis

"Geoff made a positive difference to Mortgage Choice and to my own franchise business. He has passion and determination combined with the willingness to develop issues, which makes him quite focused in achieving his goals. I wish him every success, and look forward to working with him again."
September 14, 2009
Martin Beanland , Owner , Mortgage Choice in Menai

"Geoff is a strong leader who is passionate about the success of small businesses and has the courage to tackle tough issues. At Mortgage Choice he led a large network of franchisees during a challenging period of growth and took a personal interest in their individual performance and success. Geoff's current venture is a natural progression from his experience and expertise in working on the success of small businesses."
August 31, 2009
Christopher Canty , Chief Operating Officer , Mortgage Choice Ltd

"Geoff is a great leader not afraid to make the tough decisions. He will always have the common goal in mind when making these decisions and gains respect in any management team. Geoff is also a good bloke!"
August 26, 2009
Ian Pepper , National Marketing Manager & Financial Analyst , Mortgage Choice

"Geoff is a straight kind a guy. He will tell you things they way they are. He has a strong sense of what a good leader should be. He is interested in seeing people become what they believe they are."
August 5, 2009
Steve Ventrella , Senior Mortgage Specialist , Mortgage Choice

Multiple Property Services Licencee Doncaster 
Phone: 1300 850 684 | Mobile: 0431 229 929 |Fax:03 9852 3697
Multiple Property Services CEO
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Matt Bower 
Multiple Property Services Licencee Carnegie
Phone: 1300 119 255 |Mobile: 0420 997 900 | Fax: 1300 119 313

Matt is a well respected property investor and property coach.  

He has been actively investing for over 10 years. His strategies range from Buy and Hold, to renovation, to property options. Matt's desire is to ensure that each client he works with achieves a result, this being big or small depending on the clients goals, passion, circumstance or income level. 

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