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 The Multiple Property Club was established to bring likeminded property investors together. The positive energy, the imaginations and the determination to succeed of people who form part of this event each month.  Read more....



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Our philosophy    -  


When you decide to commence your business the very first thing you might want to do is determine if you love what you are about to get involved in. Loving what you do will get you out of bed when it is raining, cold, hot, wet, your partner asks you to hold them or your head is just so full of the world it is very hard to move it off the pillow.


Make sure what you are about to do, you are in love with and would not want to be doing anything else. If you can truly say this, then jump in. If you cannot say this, then jump out, you are going to get hurt and waste a whole lot of things including your money, health, time, family life and many others



So how do I know if I love it?


Well it is pretty simple. Think of something not work related that you absolutely love, tell me about it. Take a minute, stop reading and tell me about it. Out loud, tell me what it is and why you love it



Done that?


Now, how long did you go for, how easy was it for you to talk about that thing that you love so much. Whether it was a friend, a relative, a show on TV, a sporting team or moment, a social situation that you cannot get enough of, whatever that thing is, the feeling it provides you, that is the same feeling that you need to have when your business takes its first breath......... 

We work with you to find out if you love what you do and if you do, we help you take the passion, enthusiasm and love of your business idea or concept and make it a reality.....

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