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 The Multiple Property Club was established to bring likeminded property investors together. The positive energy, the imaginations and the determination to succeed of people who form part of this event each month.  Read more....



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Course Outline

Module One

1.1 Disclaimer

1.2 Goal setting

1.3 What is holding you back right now

1.4 How to deal with people around you

1.5 Changing your mindset about money

1.6 Creating the right team around you

1.7 Homework


This session captures your thoughts, your feelings, your hopes and dreams. It will highlight to you where your areas of opportunities are. We see far to often people who have started a reno or have a property portfolio and don’t know why they are doing it. So when it gets hard ( and it always does ) then its so easy to just give it up.

This session can be light hearted or it can be deep, depending on who you are and what you need at the time. We make sure that your vision board is constructed to remind you everyday why you are doing the things you are doing.

Most people say “I want to get out of my job” that’s my goal… well think again!!! What will you do with that time if you no longer had to work, that becomes your real goal. If you cant see it, it will not happen.

We focus on your circle of infulance. Who’s in it, what their thoughts and feelings are. We work through how to handle the negative people and make sure that you are equip to handle any confrontation that may arise. Not to mention the positive people who may be headed down a different path to you, but they know best!!

We work through how you view money and what money means to you. Many people will sabotage themselves without even knowing it. We work to prevent this

By the way this is not a councelling session!! Its just we need to make sure the program is right for you and not just wasting all of our time. We love to see you succeed, but you have to allow yourself too first….


Module Two

2.1 Capital growth

2.2 Land to building ratio

2.3 Business v’s Investment decision

2.4 Aggressive v’s Conservative strategy

2.5 Funding the portfolio

2.6 Exit strategy

2.7 Homework

This session is predominately about risk. How to minimise your risk

We know that people have a range of education. We cater for everyone, we may race through some parts and then go really slowly on others. That’s the key to this program its tailored to you and your learning.

We do however ensure that we walk you through all the elements. Its sometimes surprising when we sit with clients who have four or five properties, but don’t know the reason behind their fast or slow capital growth. They have just concentrated on how much they could afford and what they would like to live in.

This session teaches you about capital growth and how it works. Of course there are no guarantees, but there are a few ways to ensure you get a good result.

What we pride ourselves on is that we teach you about each kind of property and then YOU get to decide with all the knowledge what you would like to concentrate on… this ensures that if you chose to change strategies in a few years time, then you don’t have to come back (that’s if you have left!! ) for the rest of the information.

Many people buy an investment property and think they will hold onto it for ten years and then sell it, so why would I need to know about the market now. Im not selling now!! We teach you about your worst case scenario… what happens if……. Your exit strategy is more important then how can I fund it, how can I buy it or how can I develop it. We need to know, when to sell, how to sell, how long its going to take to sell and can I sell….

Module Three

3.1 Costs to hold a property

3.2 Working out the plan ( without property selection )

3.3 Capturing current financials

3.4 Using the investment calculator

3.5 Homework

3.6 Supporting document checklist

Numbers Numbers Numbers…. Planning planning planning

Things change consistently in life and we need to be able to adapt to that. Building your plan is not as important as “ How to build a plan” it is essential that when you walk away from this session that you the who, what, where, how and why….

You will be able to number crunch any property and know how and when to add to your portfolio.

We look at your current financal situation and ensure that we can move it into the direction you want it to go. Then the How do we do this begins!!!

We give you access to our investment spreedsheets that we live by. So we teach you how to do it manually and then give you the calculator…

This then allows us to start the process of securing you a pre approval for a purchase….


Module Four

4.1 Tax entities, depreciation, negative gearing, and capital gains

4.2 Your plan

4.3 Fundamentals of lending

4.4 Application flow with a bank


This Module is about understanding the different ways to purchase property and the best way for your wallet. This Module is designed to give you an overview of what and why you may decide to purchase in another entity other then your own. You may never need to use one ( depending on your accountants advise ) but you will understand how they work and why you would or wouldn’t need one.

Negative gearing is good for some people, but for others not so good. We can sometimes get caught up in trying to save our 30% in tax that we forget that we have to spend the $1 to get the 30c back.  we need to make sure we are making a good all round decision. Here we teach you about depreciation, about capital gains and income tax. But most of all we teach you that its money we are out to make not reducing our tax bill…. That’s just a bonus

We also go through Lending. There are many properties out there that look great on the surface, but it’s only when you know what to look out for you can see why they are so cheap!!! We teach you what the banks are looking for and why or why they don’t lend to certain locations or on certain types of properties…


Module Five

5.1 Strategies

5.2 Numbers

5.3 Types and locations

5.4 Your properties

5.5 Information tools

5.6 Preparation for field trip


Numbers, Number, Numbers and more Numbers

It all about the numbers…. We go through how to calculate ( with out a calculator and with one) how to work out numbers on a Buy and Hold, a Buy renovate and sell and a buy renovate and hold.

Its funny I get told often that “you shouldn’t renovate your property until your about to sell it”. Well in a way that is right (but only for one set of people) we tend to lose sight of what is right for us is not what is going to be right for someone else. Here we teach you why. What is right for each property and for each strategy, this is essential as your plans, goals and your personal situation will change over time, but this education will stay with you. Once you have learnt the info, you just need to refer back to your manual for a refresher…

We go through why you would buy and why you wouldn’t buy each type of property. This is a huge session but key to you property selection.

We will review your property portfolio ( if you have one) and see what you are doing and what you could do a little better. This process sometimes shows that you when you through everything in together eg. Capital growth and negative gearing that you are paying your tenants to live in your house….

We teach you where to go for the information. Where to find it, how to double check it and why you need to know it…

Then we prepare for the field trip…..


Module Six

Simple Module - Field trip

We go out in the field and view a minimum of Five properties. We walk through them, we touch them we feel them, we practice what to say to the agent and the questions we need to ask. We look at fixtures and fitting, how the properties are presented for sale.  We look at the potential the property has for both increase capital growth and for increased rental return.

We gather as much information on the area as possible ready to analysis in the next Module

This is a great day out, it brings to life all that you have learnt so far...


Module Seven

Field trip review.... we work through everything that we have seen on each property.  what are the pros and the cons and how does this effect your plans and your property portfolio.

It is really important to always remember that you may have set an ideal property in your mind, but one comes alone and you decide to go in a different direction.  That is what it a all about.... you come fully armed with all your infomation and say I have decided to do this because of this, this and this....


Its normally at this point that we have a " im so proud that you have got it...." moment

Your home work for next Module is go out and do it again on your own


Module Eight

8.1 Your field trip review

8.2 Your questions

8.3 Ways to purchase

8.4 Offer

8.5 Contract of sale

8.6 Home work

This Module we review the properties you have seen. Analyse them, discount what you need to and focus on what info you still need to find. We go through all your question. When you go out on your own and trying to remember everything from last time, its hard. So we spend time on reviewing everything that you need too...

We review a contract of sale, whats in it, what to look out for and how to find relevant information.  We go through how to purchase a property, for example on an Option or a long settlement to gain early access, private sale verses an Auction.  Sometimes your offer can make or break your deal...


Module Nine and Ten


Nine and Ten are your choice sessions.  We leave them for you to use throughout your journey.  You may like to add an additional field trip, or recover your numbers.  The choice is yours





Property Support by the hour


Many people who complete the Coaching and Mentoring Program, like to ensure that their decisions on property selection are double checked.

Other people like to have a coach help them review their portfolio to ensure its achieving the maximum profit possible


For all people not requiring a twelve month support program this is for you

Our fees

$220 Inc GST per hour with the agenda set by you

Some topics we can cover

 •        Assess a property purchase

               Review your strategy

  Review or complete the numbers on a property

  Research a location

  Review a current portfolio

  Make suggestion on your current situation




Property Coaching and Mentoring Program

We start at the very beginning, who you are, where your going and alternately where you want to be. I have to say the first session is emotional, heart warming and down right exciting….

Here you will learn about all things property. We know that in the past property doubles every seven to ten years, but what we tend to forget is that its not a straight line. Its ups and downs!!


We would all like the crystal ball which tells us where we are in the property cycle, but because we don’t have that we need to look at for some fundamentals that effect the result of our property.

We are always asked the question whats the right property I should be looking for, simply the answer is


“ There is no right or wrong property, its just right or wrong for you”


What is the program ?

Our program consists of 10 modules – do not be lead to believe that this is ten sessions!!

We work at your pace. Some may take two sessions to complete

  We build a plan for you, not a generic one size fits all

  One plan, one cost – Mum, Dad and kids if you like

   Your coach is yours for life

Depending on your time frames and your enthusiasm you may complete the education in 3 to 6mth

Field trips, so you can see how and what to look out for

  12 month unlimited support by your coach

  12 month subscription to our Property Club


Property Consulting

Numbers, Number and more Numbers…..


At some stage in your property journey you will come across or be tempted to venture into a property development. This may be extending your home, subdividing, buying a property to renovate and sell for profit, or even the little more risky property options, wraps or a ten unit subdivision and construction.

There is a process for every option you may chose to undertake. The very first step is



Research, Research, Research and Numbers, Numbers, Numbers



Many people understand the benefits of a project but require someone to hold their hand. We educate you on the process, WE DON’T DO IT FOR YOU…

What we do

Start from the very beginning, what do you know and what don't you know

•  Help set your goals

  Skills gap if required

  Educate you on research where necessary

   Educate you on doing the numbers where necessary

  Attend all professional meetings with you ( accountants, solicitor, real-estate agents, architects, builders, council etc

  Plan your finance funding

Plan with you your exit strategy

  Stand with you while you execute your strategy

Give you direction 100% of the way through

Unlimited support throughout our time together


Property Investing and Property development is not easy. Things can and do go wrong and sometime even with the best people in your corner they don’t go to plan. It is extremely important that we work through two or three ways a deal can work. We always need to plan for the worst case scenario…



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We learnt very early on in our property investing journey that there are so many strategies, so many stories, so many different properties, so many locations and so many people who apparently are experts… you know what I mean!!

I spent weekend after weekend, thousands of dollars after thousands on courses and events to come up with one simple fact

‘No-one will teach me what I need to know about my situation.’

Every guru has their own opinion, every guru whats to sell their concept.  I just wanted to learn them all and then decide what was best for me. 

Multiple Property Services was born from the desire to educate people and help people decide what is right for them… regardless of what that is, off the plan to developments to renovating, buy and hold, flip, city, country, apartments or house.

What we teach is 

 “ its all about the numbers”



What we offer

Property Coaching and Mentoring Program - 12 months support

Property Consulting - for a specific project with 12 months support

Property Support - Hour by hour specific to what you need at the time 

 What we don’t do

•                 Give you a one sided approach to property investing

•                  Put you in the same box as the person next door

•                 Only give you half the information that you will need to know when making a decision about a deal

Our goal in our time together is to educate you, to hold your hand in every situation, and to help you unlock the confidence that each of us have inside us that will help you achieve  your  desired future

To find out more call 1300 850 594 or email


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